Surface EMG Sensor

Surface EMG Sensor

Available as wireless or wired options, both sensors are unique to their designs as the amplifier's input impedance is of >100 Mohms, this means that little or no skin preparation is required and without the need of any conducting gels.

The DataLITE wireless EMG sensor is small, lightweight and uses progressive frequency hopping, error detection and data recovery algorithms, allowing muscle activity readings to be smooth and robust even in a typical work environment with a range of up to 30 meters from its receiver.

New Variable Gain & Adjustable Low Pass Filter

The new redesigned DataLITE wireless EMG sensor has two powerful additional features, allowing the researcher greater flexibility in adjusting the hardware to meet specific applications.

  1. The user has full control over the bandwidth of the sensor from 10Hz to 250Hz through to 10Hz to 5000Hz.
  2. Increase the sensitivity of the EMG sensor with a choice of five settings giving peak to peak measurements ranging from +/- 60mV to +/- 6000mV.