Surface EMG Sensors

Surface EMG Sensors (Integral Electrodes)

Available as wireless or wired options, the sensors are unique to their designs as the amplifier's input impedance is of >100 Mohms, this means that little or no skin preparation is required without the need of any conducting gels.

The DataLITE wireless EMG sensor is small, lightweight and uses progressive frequency hopping, error detection and data recovery algorithms, allowing muscle activity readings to be smooth and robust even in a typical work environment with a range of up to 30 meters from its receiver.

Surface EMG Amplifiers (Disposable Electrodes)

For applications where variable inter-electrode distance is desired, the DataLITE wireless LE230FW or the wired Surface EMG Amplifier SX230FW has two flying wire leads for use with any reusable or disposable SEMG electrode incorporating a 4mm snap. The maximum inter-electrode distance is 170mm and the minimum distance is dependent upon the size of the electrodes used.

Biometrics Ltd. EMG sensors and systems are used extensively in the fields of ergonomics, sports science and medical research where measurements are commonly taken for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Symmetry studies during gait
  • Timing data in Biomechanics
  • Work done and fatigue studies
  • Work environment and tool design
  • Education
  • Sports performance
  • Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Veterinary Science
DataLITE Wireless Surface EMG Systems

EMG Systems

Technologically advanced yet cost-effective range of wireless, portable, and laboratory EMG data capture systems offering full portability and real-time display and analysis options.

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Surface EMG Citations

Here are a few of our favourite studies using Biometrics Ltd surface EMG sensors

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Vibration-Damping technology in tennis racquets: Effects on vibration transfer to the arm, muscle fatigue and tennis performance

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