Exercise Kit

Exercise Kit

The E-LINK Exercise Kit consists of Myo-EX and AngleX sensors that are exclusively designed for innovative biofeedback therapy.

Used in a wide variety of clinical settings, from hand therapy to stroke and neuro rehabilitation, the Exercise Kit is the ideal tool for undertaking progressive exercise throughout the rehabilitation process.


Myo-EX is a highly sensitive sensor using biofeedback for exercise, beginning from when there is the tiniest flicker of voluntary muscle activity, with or without visible joint movement. The sensor can be used throughout the full spectrum of muscular activity and rehabilitation, even to that of the professional athlete.

Myo-EX is extremely useful for tendon transfers and radial nerve injuries in hand therapy or for patients in the acute phase of stroke recovery.

The immediate visual feedback from the moving objects in the Activity helps the patient know when they are actually activating the muscle. Normal movement patterns are subsequently encouraged as the patient focuses on smooth, efficient and co-ordinated motor control in order to succeed in the activity. As the patient's attention is drawn to a normal movement pattern, unnecessary compensatory movements are thereby discouraged.

  • Myo-EX is ideal for wrist extension exercise, focused exercise on the shoulder musculature, knee exercise and has been used by Speech and Language Therapists for certain facial muscles
  • Biofeedback is immediate to the patient through the movement of objects on the screen providing a high degree of motivational exercise
  • The precision sensor is designed to give superb quality of signal and can detect as little as 3-4 microvolts of electrical activity. The full scale reaches 3000 microvolts which may be seen in larger deltoid, bicep or quad muscles
  • Minimum and maximum readings are quickly assessed and used as the parameters for the E-LINK Activities
  • Easy and quick to use in busy clinical environments


Where there is active joint movement, AngleX encourages focused exercise against gravity for small DIP joints through to the larger joints of the upper and lower extremities.

AngleX is very beneficial for a variety of clinical areas needing a tool for focused exercise - from hand therapy clinics to Stoke, Neuro and Spinal Injury Units.

  • The large AngleX used independently is for the forearm, elbow, shoulder, back, neck, hip, knee and ankle joints
  • The small AngleX used with the large AngleX is for the fingers, thumb and wrist
  • Baseline readings are taken in 1 degree increments for the active ranges of motion. These are automatically entered as the parameters for the chosen Activity which can be graded to suit therapy goals
  • Biofeedback is immediate to the patient through the movement of objects on the screen, providing a high degree of motivation for exercise
  • AngleX encourages and reinforces normal movement patterns
  • Easy and quick to apply in busy clinical environments

Interactive Biofeedback Activities

E-LINK Activities can be graded for speed and difficulty. This allows a graduating course of therapy for each patient. The interactive Activities engage the patient in the process, provide motivation and feedback and eliminate the boredom associated with repetitive exercise.

The versatility of the Activities addresses a wide range of physical and cognitive needs. From simple end range to end range, gross motor activities to various type of matching and sequencing of objects to complex spatial relationships requiring fine motor control.


  • Myo-EX Sensor
  • Large AngleX Sensor
  • Small AngleX Sensor
  • E-LINK Exercise Software


The Exercise Kit is available as a wireless or wired connection to a computer.

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