The Amplifier (K800) provides a user-friendly method of connecting both Biometrics Ltd sensors and 3rd party sensors to your own data acquisition system, video motion capture system, or other instrumentation.

Although the K800 functions as a general DC amplifier, the hardware is primarily digital circuity, giving a design with the greatest accuracy, negligible drift, and greatest immunity to noise. Multiple Amplifiers may simultaneously be used to collect as many channels as required.

The Amplifier is a precision amplifier designed to provide the researcher with complete ease of use.

  • Easy to use general purpose precision amplifier
  • 8 analog channels
  • 5 digital channels
  • +5V built in power supply
  • Accepts all Biometrics Ltd sensors
  • Accepts other sensors including load cells
  • Real time display for all channels in engineering units
  • RS422 digital data transfer from Subject Unit to Base Unit