E-LINK Systems

Weight-Bearing Rehabilitation

EP40 System

The EP40 Dual-Axis ForcePlate System includes the E-LINK components to make one upper and lower extremity ForcePlate evaluation and exercise station, used widely from orthopedic settings, for sports injuries through to stroke and neuro rehabilitation.

  • Primarily provides weight-bearing standing balance evaluation and exercise
  • Designed to accurately and objectively assess a patient's ability to maintain postural stability on a static surface
  • Measures fluctuations in the weight distributed over the ForcePlates
  • Results are displayed both in text and graph format for immediate feedback and analysis
  • Evaluates progress over time as an outcome measure
  • Through the innovative integration of computer based Activities the ForcePlates can also be used for interactive exercise
  • Help towards muscle strengthening, neuromuscular re-education and balance co-ordination
  • For additional flexibility the ForcePlates can be removed from the BaseFrame and used with other equipment – gym ball, wobble board, wheelchair
  • Also accommodate evaluation and weight bearing exercise of the upper extremities and for seated balance
  • A single ForcePlate can be used for weight bearing exercise from as little as the touch of one finger through to full weight bearing on one limb
  • Ideal for light touch/short duration exercise in pain management programmes through to full weight loading for strengthening joints and encouraging specific movement patterns

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