Pinch Dynamometer

Pinch Dynamometer for Measuring Pinch Strength

With a rated load up to 22.68 kg / 50 lb, the pinch meter integrates seamlessly with your existing Biometrics Ltd wireless and wired interfaces or third-party instrumentation, providing you with a flexible and adaptable measurement tool.

Benefit from the pinch meter's light weight, compact size, making it convenient for use in various settings. With an accuracy better than 0.6%, you can trust the results you get, improving the validity of your data.

Whether you're in ergonomics, sports science, or medical research, the Biometrics Pinchmeter enables you to perform a variety of tests, from measuring pinch strength and fatigue, to manual muscle testing, to bilateral strength testing. Expand your capabilities and enhance your practice with this versatile instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pinch meter is used to measure pinch strength. This is often utilized in the fields of medical research, sports science, and ergonomics. It specifically quantifies the force exerted when the thumb and fingers are brought together, as in a pinch.

The pinch meter can handle a rated load up to 22.68 kg or 50 lb.

The battery life of the DataLITE Adaptor used with the pinch meter is in excess of 15 hours when fully charged.

Yes, the pinch meter can connect with any of the Biometrics Ltd wireless and wired interfaces, as well as third-party instrumentation.

Yes, custom lengths for the wired connection cable are available upon request.

We provide thorough customer service and a two-year warranty for our products.

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