Hand Held Dynamometer

E-LINK MyoMeter (Hand Held Dynamometer)

The E-LINK MyoMeter is a Hand Held Dynamometer for physiotherapists and occupational therapists that quantifies the force applied during Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) to help evaluate performance over time.

This is a procedure for the evaluation of the function and strength of individual muscles and muscle groups based on the effective performance of a movement in relation to the forces of gravity and manual resistance.

MMT Measurements

Neck Measurements (1/9)

Neck Measurements
  • Flexion & Extension
  • Lateral Flexion

Shoulder (2/9)

Shoulder Measurements
  • Elevation
  • Abduction & Adduction
  • Flexion & Extension
  • Internal & External Rotation

Elbow (3/9)

Elbow Measurements
  • Flexion & Extension
  • Pronation & Supination

Wrist (4/9)

Wrist Measurements
  • Flexion & Extension
  • Ulnar & Radial Deviation

Hip (5/9)

Hip Measurements
  • Flexion & Extension
  • Abduction & Adduction
  • Internal & External Rotation

Knee (6/9)

Knee Measurements
  • Flexion & Extension

Ankle (7/9)

Ankle Measurements
  • Dorsiflexion & Plantar Flexion
  • Inversion & Eversion

Sustained (8/9)

Sustained Measurements

This test measures force over time for a 5, 10, 15 or 30 sec interval. Peak force, time to reach peak force, average to peak ratio percentage (sustainability) and fatigue rate are automatically calculated and immediately displayed. The current graph can be compared with a prior test to analyze progress.

Progress Report (9/9)

Patient Progress Report

Progress Reports can be readily generated covering a maximum of 10 tests and the data is displayed in both graph and table format. Automatic calculations show the percentage of change from one session to another, the percentage of change from the first test and the percentage comparison to standard. Ideal as an Outcome Measure and for a Discharge Summary.

Held by the clinician with the curved anvil placed against the body part to be tested. The limb is stabilized and held in the desired starting position.

The patient is instructed to hold the limb in position and resist the force applied by the clinician. The clinician applies force gradually until the limb is depressed. The force required to move the limb is referred to as the 'breaking force' and the measurement is recorded in the software.


  • MyoMeter
  • 1 Small Anvil
  • 1 Large Anvil
  • E-LINK Evaluation Software


The MyoMeter is available as a wireless or wired connection to a computer.

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