Upper Limb Exerciser

E-LINK Upper Limb Exerciser with various tool handles

The E-LINK Upper Limb Exerciser provides comprehensive upper limb exercise, promoting overall strength and flexibility, accelerating the rehabilitation process.

Interactive Upper Limb Activities

E-LINK Activities with the Upper Limb Exerciser offers a broad spectrum of exercises that cater to diverse physical and cognitive requirements. It accommodates everything from straightforward end-to-end, large-scale motor activities to intricate tasks involving object matching, sequencing, and complex spatial relationships.

The device’s resistance is adjustable, commencing at the lowest level as soon as the patient is approved for active exercise, and incrementally increasing as the patient advances through their rehabilitation journey. It delivers functional, scalable exercises for the upper limb, facilitating movements from a minimal 2 degrees of range of motion (ROM) up to a full, normal ROM.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Upper Limb Exerciser allows you to perform a variety of exercises for the wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder. This includes flexion/extension, radial/ulnar deviation, pronation/supination, and more.

Yes, the resistance can be adjusted at the lowest level starting as soon as you are cleared for active exercise, and can be increased as you progress through your rehabilitation.

The package includes the Upper Limb Exerciser, 2 key handles, 2 cylinder handles, 4 disc handles, a spade tool, a lever arm tool, 3 hand grips (small, medium, and large), a securing screw, and the E-LINK Exercise Software.

The Upper Limb Exerciser can be connected to a computer either wirelessly or through a wired connection.

Yes, the versatility of the E-LINK Activities addresses a wide range of physical and cognitive needs, from simple gross motor activities to complex fine motor control tasks. This makes the Upper Limb Exerciser suitable for a diverse range of orthopedic and neurological patients.

Yes, the Upper Limb Exerciser is designed for both clinical and home use. It can be connected to a computer either wirelessly or through a wired connection, providing flexibility in setting up your exercise space.

We provide thorough customer service and a two-year warranty for our products.


  • Upper Limb Exerciser
  • 2 Key Handles
  • 2 Cylinder Handles
  • 4 Disc Handles
  • 1 Spade Tool
  • 1 Lever Arm Tool
  • 3 Hand Grips (small, medium, and large) for use with spade or lever arm tool
  • 1 Securing Screw
  • E-LINK Exercise Software


The Upper Limb Exerciser is available as a wireless or wired connection to a computer.

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