RF Channel Optimisation Test for a Cleaner Signal

Ensure the best performance with our RF Channel Optimisation Test. This easy-to-use feature allows you to detect errors across all 32 available frequencies and determines the optimum combination for you. Enjoy a seamless experience with optimised DataLITE communications.

DataLITE communications use 4 frequencies out of a possible 32 within the range of 2.403GHz to 2.480GHz; the choice of 'RF Channel' number selects which 4 to use.

Because this frequency range is also used by many other devices, such as Wi-Fi and mobile phones, there is a good chance that if the distance between the Dongle and associated sensors is significant, some communications will be lost due to another device transmitting on the same frequency. DataLITE devices reduce the effect of interference by continuously frequency hopping between 4 frequencies using built in error detection and data recovery.

The RF Channel test performs multiple transmissions of data on all available frequencies in sequence without using any error correction. A result of 100% means that all data transmissions on that frequency have been successfully transmitted and received. The ideal 'RF Channel' to use would be one where all 4 frequencies used by that RF Channel are 100%.

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DataLITE Wireless Sensors

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