E-LINK Activities

E-LINK is a computerized system utilizing highly gradable game Activities for therapeutic exercise. The Activities are controlled by a variety of devices, depending upon the patient's physical and cognitive status.

E-LINK Activities incorporate a fun element into the therapy session, maximizing the patient's motivation and tolerance to exercise.

Versatile Activities for all Areas of Rehabilitation

The Activities are designed for a wide variety of clinical applications. Simple basic activities are appropriate for patients with neurological involvement such as early stroke rehabilitation and for pediatrics. More complex and challenging activities are used as the patient progresses and for orthopedic rehabilitation.

  • All the Activities can be graded to suit patient need or therapy goals
  • Various Activities with eye-catching graphics are designed as the visual feedback for the patient to engage in gross motor control through to finer controlled movement
  • Biofeedback is immediate to the patient through the movement of objects on the screen
  • Using the Exercise Kit, baseline measurements are quickly taken and these are automatically entered as the range for the chosen Activity so that the patient can exercise to his/her individual capability
  • The various Activities are designed for working randomly throughout the set range (for example, catching balls in a moving bucket) or to the limits of the set range (for example, moving containers from a dockside onto a ship). Some Activities also address cognitive and perceptual issues (for example, matching colors or shapes)
  • A percentage score and an Activity distribution graph are generated at the end of play for further objective analysis and re-assessment of therapy goals
  • All measurements and exercise results are displayed in table and graph format and form part of the patient's record
  • Activities can be saved after each play and the Sequence of Activities used immediately at the next session, saving set up time for the Therapist and familiarising the patient to the Activity

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