Upper Extremity Evaluation Software

ESW Upper Extremity Evaluation Software

Comprehensive software documents the results of upper extremity tests and data collected manually, including some that factor into the Upper Extremity Impairment Ratings.

To obtain the Upper Extremity Impairment Rating, this software is used in conjunction with the Hand Kit H500, R500 ROM Kit and the ICSW Upper Extremity Impairment Software. Automatic calculation of impairment saves significant time over manual methods and prevents calculation errors.

The Biometrics Evaluation Software module provides standardized reporting with simple, fast data entry - increasing speed and accuracy of data collection, documentation, and clinical reporting.

  • Test Sequence – allows the user to set up testing protocols
  • Amputation – graphical documentation
  • Coverage/comesis – graphical documentation of physical appearance
  • Sensation Tests – graphical documentation of. Semmes Weinstein static touch pressure and Two Point Discrimination
  • Outcomes Measures Documentation
  • Activities of Daily Living Index
  • Pain
  • Manual Muscle Test - upper extremity muscles and functions
  • Oedema – circumferential and volumetric
  • Provocative Diagnostic Tests
  • Dexterity Tests
  • Other Tests