System Integrations

Biometrics Ltd systems can be integrated and work with many commonly known biomechanical equipment, which will add considerable value to your existing or new lab.

Application Programmable Interface

API software to help accelerate the development of research applications.

Configurable with DataLITE, DataLOG or DataLINK interfaces and sensors for deploying simple biomechanics research applications to advanced commercial applications for monitoring human movement.

API Examples

API examples that allow other applications to interface with Biometrics Analysis Software.

Minimum Requirements

  • Version 10/11 Biometrics Ltd. Software
  • Windows 10 Professional (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or later, Matlab, Python

Software Development Kit

The DataLINK SDK enables researchers to develop custom software that processes and visualizes surface EMG and other physiological data transmitted from sensors.

Analogue Integrations

Strict synchronization between DataLITE ADVANCE, DataLINK or K800 Amplifier interfaces with third-party equipment.

Real-time continuous output of analogue and digital inputs via a R2000i cable allowing connection to virtually any analogue data recording device or video motion capture system.


24 analogue and 12 digital sensor outputs via three multi-channel output ports.


8 analogue output channels per unit. Up to 3 units can be combined allowing for 16 or 24 analogue outputs.

K800 Amplifier

8 analogue and 5 digital channels per unit. An unlimited amount of K800 Amplifiers can be combined.

Management & Analysis Software

Management & Analysis Software

Capture, manage and analyze real-time EMG activity and many other physiological parameters in a variety of applications.

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