Analysis Software

Analysis Software

Biometrics Analysis Software for DataLITE, DataLOG and DataLINK is a comprehensive tool for EMG, Goniometer and other associated sensor analysis including real-time data analysis as the data is collected.

Analysis Software Features

Minimum Computer

Analysis Software Features

Display video files and fully time synchronize them with data collected from DataLITE, DataLOG or DataLINK. Any video file compatible with Windows Media Player may be used. The video does not have to start or stop at the same time as the recording as they can easily be synchronized after capture. If the video file contains sound then this is played along with the video.

Once the video has been loaded, controls on the video window allow it to be played, paused and stopped. Linking the video to the data file automatically creates a cursor at the start of the data file. Clicking within a data file trace window will move the video frame being displayed to that moment in time; in the same way, moving a paused video display to a different frame will scroll the data trace display to show the data at that moment in time.

Video synchronization options include:

  • Simple synchronization – the video is synchronized to the start of the data file
  • Synchronization with one user defined alignment point – used when the desired alignment point is not the beginning of the data file
  • Synchronization to both start and end of data file – increases precision of synchronization
  • Synchronization with two user defined alignment points – used when the desired alignment points are not the beginning and end of the data file

The Expanded Results Table showing all results of all channels simultaneously. Multiple traces/graphs/windows from a single file or from multiple files may be compared. The spreadsheet style table displays the following data for each trace:

  • File Name
  • Channel number
  • Trace Title
  • Filters used
  • Scientific Units
  • Time Span
  • Top marker (if applied) in engineering units
  • Bottom Marker (if applied) in engineering units
  • Over Excursions – number of excursions over the Top marker - The minimum time above the marker to count as an excursion is set by the user with a default value of 0.1 seconds
  • Under Excursions – number of excursions below the Bottom marker - The minimum time below the marker to count as an excursion is set by the user with a default value of 0.1 seconds
  • Start time in hrs:minutes:seconds.mS
  • End time in hrs:minutes:seconds.mS
  • Start Value for time markers
  • End Value for time marker
  • Difference Marker
  • Difference/sec for the marked time
  • Trend – calculated using Linear Regression Analysis
  • Maximum Value
  • Time to Maximum
  • Minimum Value
  • Time to Minimum
  • Mean Value
  • Repetitions

Create and save Workspaces. A Workspace is the complete appearance of the application along with the settings used within the program. This includes:

  • The names of all open data files
  • The position and size of all windows
  • The position, size and appearance of all application toolbars and tool windows
  • Application preferences and options
  • All markers and filters
  • All zoom and scroll settings

Multiple workspaces may be saved. In addition, when the application is closed, the current complete workspace is automatically saved in a file called 'Workspace when last closed'.

The workspace with the associated data files may be saved as a ZIP file which can be extracted using many third party applications. This facilitates electronic mailing of the data analysis results.