E-LINK for Pediatrics

The goal of pediatric rehabilitation is to improve the abilities of children and young people with congenital conditions, illness or following major injury so that they develop and achieve their full potential. For over 20 years E-LINK has been used by pediatric units worldwide to meet the diverse needs of these children throughout every step of the rehabilitation process.

Although rehabilitation for children shares many similarities with adult rehabilitation, the approach is different as young children in particular learn and develop primarily through play. E-LINK provides an answer for clinicians by using various devices combined with gradable computerized activities for innovative exercise. Most importantly, the exercise is based on a child's individual measurements, thus ensuring specific therapeutic goals are achievable whilst the child is motivated by the fun element of playing games.

For the pediatric clinician E-LINK is invaluable, not only for encouraging children in play, but for combining exercise with precise evaluation in order to monitor a child's progress over time.