E-LINK Systems

Hand Rehabilitation

EP21 / EP11 System

The wireless EP21 or wired EP11 system includes all the components to make one complete upper extremity evaluation and exercise station for hand rehabilitation.

  • Wireless Kit 3 - 1 Wireless Dongle, 3 Wireless Adaptors (EP21 only)
  • InterX Unit (EP11 only)
  • Upper Limb Exerciser - Active and active resistive upper extremity exercises of the wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder
  • Exercise Kit - Myo-EX (whole body EMG for exercise) and AngleX (whole body active exercise against gravity)
  • Hand Kit - Grip and pinch assessment and exercise
  • ForcePlate - For upper extremity weight bearing exercise
  • Range of Motion Kit - Large and small Goniometers for upper and lower extremity range of motion measurements
  • ESW - Upper extremity evaluation software
  • Precise grip and pinch evaluation including standard, sustained and RET tests
  • Accurate, speedy Hand ROM measurements
  • Upper extremity evaluation software documents manually collected test data - for example, sensation testing, MMT
  • Generates full comprehensive reports, including ones to analyze progress over time
  • Data may be simply exported for audit and research purposes
  • Various E-LINK devices facilitate exercise from a flicker of muscle activity – for example, with muscle transfers – through to full work-hardening resistive exercise
  • Desensitization exercise may also be undertaken for pain management programmes
  • Wireless E-LINK promotes greater portability and ease of set up for both hospital clinic and community clinical settings

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