E-LINK Systems

Stroke & Neuro Rehabilitation

EP24M System

The wireless EP24M system includes all the components to make one complete evaluation and exercise station for stroke and neuro rehabilitation.

  • Wireless Kit 3 - 1 Wireless Dongle, 3 Wireless Adaptors
  • InterX Unit - Interface unit for Dual-Axis ForcePlates
  • Upper Limb Exerciser - Active and active resistive upper extremity exercises of the wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder
  • Exercise Kit - Myo-EX (whole body EMG for exercise) and AngleX (whole body active exercise against gravity)
  • Hand Kit - Grip and pinch assessment and exercise
  • MyoMeter - Muscle strength testing
  • DFP4 - (4 ForcePlates, 1 BF8 BaseFrame, Connecting leads used when connecting ForcePlates to the X4)
  • Suitable for pediatric units through to elderly care
  • Facilitates innovative exercise with immediate biofeedback from a tiny flicker of muscle activity even where there is no visible joint movement
  • Supports progressive, gradable exercise for the upper and lower extremities, neck and back
  • Provides weight-bearing balance evaluation combined with innovative exercise
  • Accommodates grip and pinch assessment and motivating exercise
  • Generates progress reports for grip, pinch and weight-bearing balance assessments
  • Activities also help address perceptual and cognitive issues
  • Data export is included for audit and research purposes
  • Wireless elements promote greater portability, particularly for upper extremity rehabilitation

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