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Biometrics Ltd FP3 and FP4 ForcePlates are focused to the needs of the researcher providing high precision and versatility with an intuitive, easy-to-use design. Connect our ForcePlates to a wired or wireless interface to enable data capture and analysis of the vertical component of reaction force in a multitude of applications. If you prefer a wireless connection, our DataLITE Adaptor is the perfect companion for your ForcePlate. It's boasts a fully charged battery life of over 9 hours, ensuring you can gather data for extended periods without worrying about power.

You can display and analyze force in Newtons, Kilograms, or Pounds, catering to your preferred measurement system. The ForcePlates can measure forces as little as 0.1 kg/lbs and up to a substantial 250 kg, catering to a wide range of measurement needs.

Customizable Data Collection Options

The design of our ForcePlates also promotes a high degree of customization. You can use multiple ForcePlates to expand your data collection options. Position two or four ForcePlates in a BaseFrame on the floor to accommodate various subject sizes and stance widths. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor your setup to the needs of your specific study or program. And the best part? Even when used in a BaseFrame, our ForcePlates maintain their connectivity, whether wired or wireless, ensuring seamless data collection.

The ForcePlates provide maximum versatility of applications such as:

  • Upper extremity – unilateral or bilateral
  • Seated balance
  • On the chair/wheelchair seat
  • Under the chair legs
  • Under wheelchair wheels
  • Incorporation into other equipment – for example into stair steps to measure weight bearing during stair climbing
  • Lower extremity
  • Unilateral or bilateral
  • Single axis
  • Mediolateral (Left/right)
  • Anterior/posterior (Front/back)
  • Multi-axial
  • Simultaneous Mediolateral (Left/right) and Anterior/posterior (Front/back)
  • Sit to stand – use 2 ForcePlates on the seat and 2 or 4 on the floor

Frequently Asked Questions

Our ForcePlates are designed to detect a wide range of force inputs, from the light touch of a finger to the full weight of an individual. This makes them versatile for various applications and user needs.

The Biometrics Ltd ForcePlates are capable of measuring the vertical component of the reaction force, providing vital data for a variety of research and clinical scenarios.

Yes, the ForcePlates can be connected via a wired or wireless interface for data capture and analysis. When used in a wireless setup, a DataLITE Adaptor is required to pair the ForcePlate with a DataLITE interface.

You can use multiple ForcePlates to expand your data collection options. The BaseFrame is designed to accommodate two or four ForcePlates in various positions on the floor. This allows you to adjust the setup based on the size and stance width of the subject.

Our ForcePlates are highly versatile and can be used in various applications such as measuring upper extremity force, seated balance, or they can be incorporated into other equipment to measure weight-bearing during activities like stair climbing.

The FP3 and FP4 are two different models of ForcePlates offered by Biometrics Ltd. They both consist of two precision metal plates with four load cells mounted between them. However, they differ in their measurement capacity, with the FP4 able to measure larger forces.

We provide thorough customer service and a two-year warranty for our products.

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