Biometrics Ltd FP3 and FP4 ForcePlates are focused to the needs of the researcher providing high precision, versatility and ease of use. Connected with a wired or wireless interface, ForcePlates enable data capture and analysis of vertical component of reaction force in a wide variety of applications. Display and analyze force in N, Kg or lb from as little as 0.1 Kg/lbs and up to 250 Kg.

Multiple ForcePlates

Multiple ForcePlates can be used to increase the data collection options. The BaseFrame is designed to hold two or four ForcePlates in a variety of positions on the floor to accommodate a wide range of subject sizes with different stance widths.

ForcePlates used in a BaseFrame can still connect to wired or wireless interfaces, either by connecting directly to the interface via a cable, or via wireless DataLITE Adaptors that are held externally from the BaseFrame within an Adaptor holder.

The ForcePlates provide maximum versatility of applications such as:

  • Upper extremity – unilateral or bilateral
  • Seated balance
  • On the chair/wheelchair seat
  • Under the chair legs
  • Under wheelchair wheels
  • Incorporation into other equipment – for example into stair steps to measure weight bearing during stair climbing
  • Lower extremity
  • Unilateral or bilateral
  • Single axis
  • Mediolateral (Left/right)
  • Anterior/posterior (Front/back)
  • Multi-axial
  • Simultaneous Mediolateral (Left/right) and Anterior/posterior (Front/back)
  • Sit to stand – use 2 ForcePlates on the seat and 2 or 4 on the floor

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