Product List for Clinical Rehabilitation

Wireless Interface Unit

  • DG1 - Wireless Dongle
  • AD1 - Wireless Adaptor
  • WK1 - 1 Wireless Dongle, 1 Wireless Adaptor
  • WK2 - 1 Wireless Dongle, 2 Wireless Adaptors
  • WK3 - 1 Wireless Dongle, 3 Wireless Adaptors

Wired Interface Unit

  • X4 - InterX Unit


  • Upper Limb Exerciser - Active and active resistive upper extremity exercise of the wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder
  • Exercise Kit - Myo-EX and AngleX sensors that are exclusively designed for innovative computer-based exercise
  • Hand Kit - Standardized pinch and grip measurements with precise electronic tools for evaluation and progress reporting
  • ForcePlates - ForcePlate System that provides an accurate, portable system for measurement of symmetrical weight distribution, stability, and sway in two axes.
  • Range of Motion Kit - The ROM Kit provides precise electronic tools for upper and lower extremity range of motion measurements
  • MyoMeter - The E-LINK MyoMeter quantifies the force applied during Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) and helps clinicians evaluate performance over time.
  • Software - ESW Upper Extremity Evaluation, ICSW Upper Extremity Impairment Calculation and LSW Lower Extremity Evaluation and Impairment Calculation Software


  • Upper and Lower Extremity Rehabilitation - The wireless EP20M system includes all the components to make one complete patient evaluation and exercise station for upper and lower extremity rehabilitation.
  • Hand Rehabilitation - The wireless EP21 or wired EP11 system includes all the components to make one complete upper extremity evaluation and exercise station for hand rehabilitation.
  • Stroke and Neuro Rehabilitation - The wireless EP24M system includes all the components to make one complete evaluation and exercise station for stroke and neuro rehabilitation.
  • Weight-Bearing Rehabilitation - The EP40 Dual-Axis ForcePlate System includes the E-LINK components to make one upper and lower extremity ForcePlate evaluation and exercise station, used widely from orthopedic settings, for sports injuries through to stroke and neuro rehabilitation.

E-LINK Languages

  • Chinese - E-LINK available in Chinese
  • Spanish - E-LINK available in Spanish
  • German - E-LINK available in German
  • French - E-LINK available in French