Digital Goniometers

E-LINK Digital Goniometers (ROM Kit)

Designed to enhance physiotherapy sessions, the E-LINK ROM Kit consists of two medically approved Digital Goniometers that record the precise range of motion in E-LINK software with a click of a button.

Large Digital Goniometer

Our large digital goniometer offers accurate and instant measurements for your major joints with active and passive measurements.

Wrist ROM Measurements (1/6)

Active and passive, extension and flexion, radial and ulnar deviation

Forearm and Elbow ROM Measurements (2/6)

Active and passive, pronation and supination, extension and flexion

Shoulder ROM Measurements (3/6)

Active and passive, extension and flexion, abduction and adduction, internal and external rotation

Hip ROM Measurements (4/6)

Active and passive, extension and flexion, abduction and adduction, internal and external rotation

Knee ROM Measurements (5/6)

Active and passive, extension and flexion, valgus and varus, internal and external malrotation

Ankle ROM Measurements (6/6)

Active and passive, dorsiflexion/plantarflexion, inversion/eversion

Small Digital Goniometer (N300) measuring finger range of motion

Small Digital Goniometer

The small digital goniometer is designed for precise active and passive ROM measurements of the fingers, thumbs, and toes.

Hand ROM Measurements (fingers and thumbs) (1/2)

Active and passive, extension and flexion, abduction and adduction, lateral deviations and rotational deformities, calculation of total active motion and total passive motion

Toes ROM Measurements (2/2)

Active and passive, MTP flexion/extension, IP flexion of the great toe

Monitor Progress with Detailed Reports

Stay informed about your patients' progress with easy-to-understand reports that track changes over time. These visual aids can help you, and your patients, better understand their progress and adjust their treatment plans accordingly.

Automatic calculations show the percentage of change from one session to another, the percentage of change from the first test and the percentage comparison to standard. Ideal as an Outcome Measure and for a Discharge Summary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a digital goniometer replaces traditional tools like plastic goniometers and inclinometers, that are difficult to read. It allows for faster, more accurate, and reliable measurements with just a few clicks.

Yes, many reliability studies have been performed comparing digital goniometers to traditional tools. In all cases, digital goniometers have performed well, offering fast, consistent, and reliable measurements.

Yes, one of the biggest benefits of using digital goniometers is the ability to easily and quantifiably communicate patient status. The speed of use allows for measurements at each patient visit so they can see the impact of their consistent efforts.

Yes, the E-LINK software that comes with the goniometers includes a powerful data export function suitable for clinical research or audit.


The ROM Kit ensures you have all the tools you need to make precise, consistent measurements.

  • Large Digital Goniometer
  • Small Digital Goniometer
  • E-LINK Evaluation Software


The E-LINK ROM Kit is available as a wireless or wired connection, you can choose the setup that best fits your practice.

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E-LINK EP20M System

Upper & Lower Extremity Systems

E-LINK systems package together popular accessories tailored to meet a wide range of clinical applications.

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Want to Know More?

Take a look at our most recent blog post regarding the potential for E-LINK Digital Goniometers over traditional methods.

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ROM Kit Citations

Here are a few of our favourite studies using the E-LINK ROM Kit

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