Surface EMG Sensor

Biometrics Ltd. surface EMG sensor is an electromyography sensor available in two versions:

  • Surface EMG Sensor (SX230) that has integral electrodes with a fixed electrode distance of 20mm
  • EMG Amplifier (SX230FW) that uses disposable electrodes and has a variable electrode distance

Biometrics Ltd. surface EMG sensors and systems have been extensively researched and developed over a number of years incorporating the latest design principles and technologies for biofeedback and movement analysis.

The result is a versatile, state of the art range of EMG products which are reliable, accurate and easy to use.

Full Specifications

Surface EMG Sensor

Our Surface EMG Sensor (SX230) is an active probe which provides superb quality of signal and ease of use. Unique to the design is the amplifier's input impedance of >10,000,000 M Ohms. This means in practice that little or no skin preparation is required and no conducting gels are required. To use the SX230 EMG sensor simply apply the electrode to the muscle being measured using the die cut medical grade double sided adhesive tape (part no. T350). The quality of the signal received is excellent for both static and dynamic applications.

The surface EMG Sensor (SX230) is extremely versatile, readily connecting to the portable DataLOG system and the tethered DataLINK system and the K800 Amplifier.

All three of these instruments can be used to:

  • Collect and display the EMG data
  • Integrate the EMG data with data from other sensors
  • Synchronise the EMG data with third party systems such as
    • Video motion capture such as Vicon, Qualysis, and Peak Performance
    • 3D force plate systems such as Kistler and AMTI

As well as recording the EMG data, both the DataLOG and DataLINK systems provide software to software communication in real time via the included Microsoft Dynamic Link Library. This means that your EMG data can be collected in real time in third party software with a minimum amount of programming.

The DataLINK system and K800 amplifier can be interfaced to third party hardware, such as National Instruments A to D cards via the R2000i Analogue output cable.

Surface EMG Amplifier

For applications where variable inter-electrode distance is desired, the EMG Amplifier (SX230FW) has the same superb signal pickup of the EMG sensor (SX230). Instead of the integral electrodes of the SX230, the amplifier (SX230FW) has two flying wire leads for use with any reusable or disposable SEMG electrode incorporating a 4 mm snap. The maximum inter-electrode distance is 170 mm and the minimum distance is dependent upon the size of the electrodes used.

When a muscle contracts, electrical activity is generated within the muscle which may be measured using electrodes placed on the surface of the skin. This electrical signal is usually in the order of up to 3,000 micro volts and is referred to as electromyography or EMG.

Biometrics Ltd offer a technologically advanced yet cost effective range of EMG display and data capture systems offering both full portability and real time display and analysis options.

Biometrics sensors and interfaces are used extensively in the fields of ergonomics, sports science and medical research where measurements of surface EMG are commonly taken for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Symmetry studies during gait
  • Timing data in Biomechanics
  • Work done and fatigue studies
  • Work environment and tool design
  • Sports performance
  • Neuro Rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Veterinary Science

The surface EMG electrodes may be used with the EMG Amplifier (SX230FW).

The EMG electrode is a small (22 x 28 mm) silver/silver chloride electrode designed for single or multiple applications to the same patient/subject.

Multiple reapplications (20 packs of 6 electrodes).

When using the surface EMG sensor (SX230) with any Biometrics Ltd instrument, independent of the number of EMG sensors used at any one time, only one of the following ground reference cables is required:

The R606 (plastic) / R506 (metal) ground strap has a standard 4mm snap connector and comes with convenient elasticated wrist bands for ease of use. The R606 may also be used with proprietary reusable or disposable electrodes having a 4mm snap.

The R306 ground strap comes with a standard 2mm spring plug for connection to proprietary disposable electrodes with a 2mm spring socket.

Full Specifications

Double sided die cut tapes for attaching Biometrics Ltd SX230 EMG sensors. Hypoallergenic and latex free. 350 pieces of tape per pack.