Electrogoniometers and Torsiometers

Electrogoniometers (electronic goniometer) and Torsiometers are ideal for quick, simple, and accurate measurement of joint movement in multiple planes. Extremely robust, lightweight and flexible, the sensors can be comfortably worn undetected under clothing, without hindering the actual movement of the joint.

The twin-axis Electrogoniometers and single-axis Torsiometers provide improved mechanical integrity and electrical performance.

Biometrics' sensors are sold separately or as part of complete measurement systems. Available systems include instrumentation for static angle readout, dynamic on line data acquisition in 8, 16, or 24 channel configurations, or fully portable wireless data collection systems.

Full Specifications

Twin-Axis Electrogoniometers

Twin-axis Electrogoniometers (SG series) simultaneously measure angles in up to two planes of movement. For example, to measure wrist movements, the endblocks of the Electrogoniometer are attached on the dorsal surface using double sided tape (T10), one end over the third metacarpal, the other over the midline of the forearm, with the wrist in the neutral position.

The Electrogoniometer has two separate output connectors, one measures flexion/extension, the other radial/ulnar deviation. When used to measure a single-axis joint such as the knee or elbow, or when measuring a single plane of a twin-axis joint, simply connect one channel, the other remains redundant. All twin-axis Electrogoniometers function the same way, the difference being physical size.

Single-Axis Electrogoniometer

Biometrics' single-axis Electrogoniometer (F35) measures angles in one plane only. This smallest goniometer is designed to measure flexion/extension of finger or toe joints.

Single-Axis Torsiometers (Q110 and Q150)

Single-Axis Torsiometers

Biometrics Ltd single-axis Torsiometers (Q series) are designed for measurement of rotations in one plane e.g. forearm pronation/supination or neck axial rotation. If the Torsiometer is bent in planes X-X or Y-Y the output remains constant. All Torsiometers function in the same way, the difference being physical size.

Custom Design Electrogoniometer

Custom Design and Manufacturing

With the wide variety of applications for the sensor technology, Biometrics Ltd offers custom design and manufacturing to meet specific requirements. For example, waterproof sensors with integrated leads for use in pools or with underwater treadmills or specialty sensors for lower gastro intestinal diagnostics.