EMG Systems

The portable systems are comprehensive packages of sensors and instrumentation for static and dynamic measurements in a clinical setting, a research center, or at any remote location such as an office or factory workplace.

The laboratory systems are powerful data acquisition tools. The usefulness of real time display of parameters such as EMG, joint angle, and force is emphasized. The combination of DataLINK with the most often requested Biometrics' sensors in either basic or enhanced configurations provides for a wide range of studies.

Portable EMG Systems

The PS850 portable system is dedicated to EMG measurements and includes:

The PS900 portable system includes:

DataLOG Units may be synchronized for up to 24 channels of data collection.

More Portable Systems Available

Laboratory EMG Systems

The LS900 laboratory system includes:

The easy to use DataLINK management software may simultaneously control up to 3 DataLINK units giving the researcher the flexibility of up to 24 analog channels and 12 digital channels. Each of the channels is individually controlled with options for selectable gain, sampling frequency, sensor supply voltage and zero position.

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