A small wireless DataLITE Dongle (DG2) attached to the USB port of the host PC (Windows 8 or 10 compatible) can communicate with up to 24 channels of DataLITE sensor inputs via Wi-Fi.

When used with a Windows 10 Tablet, the researcher can monitor and analyse data in real-time while the subject has total freedom of movement in laboratory or field studies.

DataLITE is available as a medical or non-medical device and carries a two-year warranty!

How it Works

The DataLITE wireless system consists of a USB Dongle attached to a PC along with up to 16 battery operated DataLITE wireless sensors. The sensors convert input signals such as joint angle, EMG or force data to their equivalents and then transmit these in real-time to the PC. This produces a versatile and expandable design with the greatest possible accuracy, negligible drift and the greatest freedom for the test subject.

The wireless communications uses a frequency-hopping scheme to minimise the effects of interference and multi-path signal cancellation. A total of 16 frequencies are used; these are evenly spaced from 2.38 GHz to 2.492 GHz. The dongle and sensor avoid interferences from other signals by hoping to a new frequency after transmitting or receiving a data packet.

  • A versatile & expandable design:
    • Up to 16 sensors may be used with a single DG2 for a maximum of 24 analogue inputs and 12 digital inputs
    • 4 systems may operate simultaneously in the same environment
  • A technologically advanced miniaturised wireless solution providing robust & reliable data collection
  • A sophisticated communication protocol utilising a frequency-hoping scheme to minimise the effects of interference and multi path signal cancellation
  • A progressive transponder data transfer scheme allows for real time data recovery
  • A carefully selected digital design producing an optimum performance from a miniature battery cell
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Typically 11 hours of continuous use between charging
  • A typical work environment will give a 40m working range
  • Precision CNC machined plastic & metal components used throughout product range giving an outstanding level of mechanical integrity
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty for whole range of DataLITE products