A small wireless DataLITE Dongle (DG2) can communicate with up to 24 channels of DataLITE sensors via Wi-Fi.

When used with a Windows 10 Tablet, the researcher can monitor and analyse data in real-time while the subject has total freedom of movement in laboratory or field studies.

DataLITE is available as a medical or non-medical device and carries a two-year warranty!

  • Up to 16 DataLITE sensors may be used with a single Dongle for a maximum of 24 analogue inputs and 12 digital inputs
  • Several DataLITE systems may operate simultaneously in the same environment
  • A new RF Channel Optimisation Test determines the best WiFi frequency to use within the test area
  • Typically 11 hours of continuous use between charging
  • A typical work environment will give up to a 40m working range
  • A progressive transponder data transfer scheme allows for real-time data recovery
  • A technologically advanced miniaturised wireless solution providing robust & reliable data collection

How it Works

DataLITE wireless sensors convert input signals such as joint angle, EMG or force data and transmits in real-time to the PC for analysis. This produces a versatile and expandable design with the greatest possible accuracy, negligible drift and the greatest freedom for the test subject.

DataLITE communications between the Dongle and sensor uses 4 frequencies out of a possible 32; these are evenly spaced in the range of 2.403 GHz to 2.480 GHz.

The Dongle and sensor avoids interferences from other signals by using a sophisticated communication protocol utilising a frequency-hoping scheme to minimise the effects of interference and multi-path signal cancellation.