Data Acquisition Systems

DataLITE Wireless Data Acquisition Systems

DataLITE systems range from a single Goniometer or EMG sensor to comprehensive systems of various sensor types which can be configured to suit end user requirements.

Wireless EMG Systems

2 EMG (WS/WSA250):

4 EMG (WS/WSA450):

8 EMG (WS/WSA850):

16 EMG (WS/WSA1650):

Wireless Goniometer Systems

2 Goniometer (WS/WSA200):

4 Goniometer (WS/WSA400):

Wireless Mixed Systems

2 Goniometer & 2 EMG (WS/WSA900):

4 Goniometer & 4 EMG (WS/WSA950):

8 Goniometer & 8 EMG (WS/WSA1800):

1 Includes Goniometer Tape.
2 Includes EMG Sensor Tape.