Data Acquisition Interfaces

DataLITE Advance

DataLITE is a wireless data acquisition system and can connect with up to 16 wireless sensors. The new DataLITE ADVANCE Output Unit features output ports that enable data synchronization with 3rd party instrumentation.


DataLOG is developed to meet the needs of researchers for portable data collection and monitoring.

DataLINK Base Unit and Subject Unit

DataLINK is an on-line general purpose subject worn programmable data acquisition system allowing the user to collect both analogue and digital data from a range of sensors.

K800 Amplifier

The Amplifier is a microprocessor controlled general purpose amplifier system which for collecting signals from a variety of sensors in a format which may be readily connected to proprietry display and recording systems including A/D cards.

  DataLITE ADVANCE DataLITE DataLOG DataLINK Amplifier
Data Acquisition Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Bluetooth® and/or MicroSD USB
Real-Time Data Display Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Bluetooth® and LCD USB LCD
Real-Time Analysis Software Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Bluetooth® USB
Channels Up to 24 analogue
& 12 digital
Up to 24 analogue
& 12 digital
Up to 24
(3 x DataLOG's)
Up to 24
(3 x DataLINK's)
Gain Fixed Fixed Programmable Programmable Fixed
To Biometrics Analysis Software
Output To Other Hardware
(Such As A/D Boards)

(Using R2000i or R2000i BNC)

(Using R2000i or R2000i BNC)

(Using R2000i or R2000i BNC)
Via DLL To Other Software