Hand Dynamometer

Jamar Hand Grip Dynamometer (G200)

The Biometrics Dynamometer utilises precision load cell technology to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of measurement of even very low grip strength forces. By using the industry standard Jamar design, exterior researchers can compare with standardized normative data.

The Dynamometer can connect to various Biometrics Ltd. interfaces – DataLITE, DataLOG, DataLINK, or K800 Amplifier. It can also be connected to various 3rd party interfaces or multiple devices can be combined - for example two dynamometers for simultaneous bilateral dynamic grip strength testing, or with EMG and joint goniometry movement data.

Dimensions Standard Jamar configuration, calibrated and designed to work in compression only
Mass 630g
Accuracy Better than 1% Rated Load
Rated Load 0 to 90Kg, or 0 to 200lb
Connection Connection to DataLITE, DataLOG, DataLINK and Amplifier

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