Activities (Computer Games)

E-LINK takes well proven concepts and utilizes a computer environment to create a comprehensive system for functional rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise of the fingers, hand, upper and lower extremities, head, neck, and back.

The latest E-LINK software version has up to 24 Activities, designed to be used with all the E-LINK exercise equipment – Upper Limb Exerciser, Exercise Kit, Hand Kit (Dynamometer & Pinchmeter) and ForcePlates. Additionally, a number of the Activities have multi-axial options specifically designed for maximizing balance rehabilitation using the E-LINK Dual-Axis ForcePlate System.

E-LINK is a computerized graded exerciser utilizing activities (games) for therapeutic use. The activities may be controlled by a variety of devices, depending upon the patient's physical and cognitive status.

All E-LINK exercise Activities have screens that allow the baseline movement or muscle activity to be measured. This measurement is then used to define the parameters for exercise in the Activity set-up screens.

The Activities are designed for a wide variety of clinical applications. Simple basic activities are appropriate for patients with neurological involvement such as early stroke rehabilitation and for pediatrics. More complex and challenging activities are used as the patient progresses and for orthopedic rehabilitation.