EMG Interfaces

The Surface EMG Sensor may readily connect to either the DataLOG, DataLINK or K800 Amplifier. These interfaces are general purpose data collection devices and may collect signals from a wide range of sensors simultaneously with EMG. This is ideal for correlation of muscle activity with other physiological parameters.

Using the DataLOG or DataLINK the stored data may be displayed and analyzed within the Biometrics software, or the raw data may be saved as an ASCII or a standard Sound Wave file for import into many other analysis programs such as Microsoft Excel or Cool Edit. Alternatively the DataLOG and DataLINK systems can transfer data in real time via the Microsoft Dynamic Link Library to any software capable of receiving data by the Microsoft Dynamic Link Library.


The DataLOG offers the user the ability to collect EMG and other data reliably from up to 24 channels simultaneously in a truly portable configuration. When more than 8 channels are required 2 or 3 DataLOGs may be synchronised using a single wireless Bluetooth connection providing options for 16 and 24 analog channels. The DataLOG Display and Analysis software allows for an unlimited number of real date and time stamped data files to be opened simultaneously, and the time axis may be tracked across all files allowing display and analysis for a large number of channels.

The capabilities offered to the user of EMG measurements using the DataLOG is unrivalled even by much more costly systems.


The DataLINK provides the user the ability to collect EMG and other data simultaneously with real time display and real time data analysis. The usefulness and simplicity of this accurate real time display and real time feedback is emphasized for both a research and educational setting.

The DataLINK Display and Analysis software allows for:

  • 8 analog channels and 5 digital channels to be displayed and analyzed real time
  • real time display and real time scaling in engineering or SI units
  • adjustable real time audible and visual alarms for any channel
  • 8, 16 or 24 analog channels
  • Readily synchronised with other systems