Surface EMG Electrodes SEN3001

High quality pliable EMG electrodes for use with Biometrics Ltd SX230FW EMG Amplifier. Single patient use electrodes may be reapplied multiple times. Silver/silver chloride sensing element with hydrogel adhesive in a cloth backing with a 4 mm snap. 120 electrodes packed in individual sets of 6. Each electrode is .9" x 1.1" (22x28 mm).

EMG Sensor Tapes T350

Double sided die cut tapes for attaching Biometrics Ltd SX230 EMG sensors. Hypoallergenic and latex free. 350 pieces of tape per pack.

T10 Tape

Goniometer Tape T10

Double sided medical tape for attaching Biometrics Ltd electrogoniometers and torsiometers. Hypoallergenic and latex free. Ten rolls per pack, each roll is 3/4" x 6 yds (19mm x 5.5m) . Also used for attaching accelerometers to the skin or other surface.