E-LINK for Clinical Rehabilitation

E-LINK is a computerized modular system bringing both evaluation and exercise together in an exciting format with an extensive scope of clinical applications for the upper and lower extremities:

  • Precise objective measurements can be undertaken very early in hand therapy and continue throughout the full rehabilitation process, with E-LINK providing comprehensive progress reports including impairment calculations
  • E-LINK sensors, using EMG, enable innovative exercise to begin from a small flicker of muscular activity, even with no visible joint movement - ideal for stroke and neuro rehabilitation
  • E-LINK ForcePlates assist desensitization exercise from the touch of one finger through to full weight-bearing evaluation and exercise for standing balance

Clinical Applications

For over 20 years E-LINK has been used by thousands of clinicians worldwide for hand therapy through to stroke and neuro rehabilitation, bringing great benefit and enjoyment to patients of all ages from pediatric units to those in elderly care.

E-LINK is constantly evolving and progressing to meet the changing needs of therapists and patients. Biometrics Ltd appreciates all the feedback we receive from E-LINK users worldwide, and this feedback is the driving force in the development of E-LINK products.