Streamlined Data Synchronization

  • 24 analogue and 12 digital sensor outputs
  • DataLITE ADVANCE may be disconnected from the PC, allowing it to be used solely as an analogue output unit. This provides a very robust, novel product which may be used independent of the PC
  • Known exact latency of 100mS delay to a third party instrument
  • Readily transfer DataLITE sensor data to third party devices including camera-based motion capture systems

Versatile Data Collection Methods

Independent data acquisition system connected to a PC
  • DataLITE software runs with File Save mode ON during data collection
  • Data sent wirelessly from any of the DataLITE sensors is received by ADVANCE
  • Data can be collected to the PC, saved, exported post data collection for import into other software for analysis or analysed using Biometrics Ltd Analysis Software

Stream real-time to third party software capable of receiving a Microsoft DLL
  • DataLITE software runs with File Save mode OFF during data collection
  • Use the DLL in DataLITE software to stream data to other software (such as Vicon motion capture systems)
  • This is software to software communications

Independent analogue output unit
  • After configuration, ADVANCE can be disconnected from the PC and connected to the analogue inputs of a third party system (such as NI DAQ video motion capture analogue to digital inputs) by using a R2000i cable
  • Data is sent wirelessly from any of the DataLITE sensors, received by ADVANCE and then continuously streamed as analogue outputs to the third party system
  • This is hardware to hardware communications

Functions may be used together at the same time
  • Data saved to the PC while simultaneously sending the same data as an analogue output to other equipment
  • Data streamed to third party software (DLL function) while simultaneously sending the same data as an analogue output to other equipment

ADVANCE Specifications

DataLITE Explore Portable Data Recorder
Dimensions 180 x 170 x 48 mm
Mass 430 g
Real-Time Data Acquisition
Analogue Outputs 0V - 5V
Number of Channels 16 sensors for up to 24 channels
Latency - Sensors to PC Recording 40 mS
Latency - Sensors to Analogue Output 100 mS
Analogue Output Bandwidth +0 / -1 dB up to 800 Hz
Wireless Transmission Loss Tolerant for 100mS
Power Source Mains powered rated continuous

DataLIE Wireless Sensors

Freedom with DataLITE Wireless Sensors

DataLITE sensors are completely wireless allowing total freedom of movement. Precise measurements include real-time joint angular movement, EMG analysis and many other associated physiological measurements.

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