DataLITE Explore - A Wearable Data Recorder

DataLITE EXPLORE is a wearable device that provides multi-channel recordings of EMG, dynamic joint movement, acceleration and other physiological parameters from a range of wireless sensors. This provides data capture & analysis both within and outside the boundaries of normal testing environments.

Worn in close proximity to DataLITE sensors providing a self-contained portable data acquisition system. This new concept has significant advantages over more traditional systems where the user is restricted by the length of cables or wireless ranges back to desktop unit receivers.

Portable Data Recorder

View real-time graphical traces and engineering units on the LCD as data is saved directly onto a removable Micro SD card for later download and analysis.

Real-Time Data Acquisition

When tethered to a computer, EXPLORE acts as a wireless interface for real-time data display and acquisition to the PC.

Data Transfer

When transferring real-time data via a DLL to a 3rd party interface, data is simultaneously backed up to the SD card for analysis in Biometrics software.

Data Recorder Displays


Selection of clock faces available displaying date, time, day and battery charge

Main Screen

Device name, subject, SD card storage, clock and battery charge information


Scrolling graph showing real-time data

Engineering Units

Engineering units display with individual sensor battery charge

Wearable Tech

Portable wireless real-time data acquisition

Wireless Sensors

Up to 16 sensors or 24 channels of data can be recorded

Data Backup

Removable Micro SD card for data backup and analysis on a PC


DataLITE Explore Portable Data Recorder
Dimensions 16 x 52 x 45 mm
(Height x Width on wrist x Length on wrist)
Mass 59 g
Enclosure CNC precision machined from scratch resistant high grade aerospace polymer
Real-Time Data Acquisition
Number of Channels 16 sensors for up to 24 channels
Save to Micro SD Card
Latency - Sensors to PC Recording 40 mS
Wireless Transmission Loss Tolerant for 100 mS
Power Source Lithium polymer battery
Battery Life Minimum 10 hours