One ForcePlate

One ForcePlate registers weight as little as 0.1 to 100kg (220lbs). It is therefore perfectly designed for upper and lower extremity weight-bearing exercise, accepting even the light touch of one finger to full weight-bearing on one limb.

Ideal for applications such as: upper extremity weight bearing for the hand, arm and shoulder, standing balance, seated balance and isometric ankle dorsiflexion / plantar-flexion.


Immediately following assessment of applied force the patient can undertake exercise. Movement of objects in the Activity modules is controlled by the application and relaxation of force within an achievable range. The Activities are highly gradable and motivate the patient to exercise further and longer, thus addressing functional therapeutic goal.


  • One ForcePlate
  • One cable for connecting ForcePlate to the X4 InterX Unit


A single ForcePlate is available as a wireless or wired connection to a computer.

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E-LINK EP21 System

Upper & Lower Extremity Systems

E-LINK systems package together popular accessories tailored to meet a wide range of clinical applications.

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