Clinical Applications

Hand Therapy Rehabilitation

Hand Therapy

E-LINK provides clinicians with specialized, scientific devices to undertake precise evaluation and carry out treatment objectives with innovative exercise tools and exciting computer-based Activities.

Hand therapy involves clinical evaluation of the injured hand. After medical assessment, specific treatment goals can be set involving E-LINK programmes for therapeutic exercise.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation

E-LINK is an invaluable supportive resource for clinicians who are dedicated to meeting goals for stroke rehabilitation.

Stroke rehabilitation aims to optimise the patient's chances of living an independent life through re-learning the skills needed for everyday living.

Paediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric Rehabilitation

The aim of pediatric rehabilitation is to improve the abilities of children and young people so that they can develop and achieve their full potential.

E-LINK seeks to meet the diverse needs of these children throughout every step of the rehabilitation process. It provides the clinician with invaluable tools for creative exercise therapy sessions as well as evaluating progress for each individual child.

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

A spinal cord injury can be a devastating event in a person’s life and presents many challenges to all clinicians concerned with spinal cord injuries rehabilitation.

E-LINK is an invaluable, supportive resource for therapists caring for these patients and provides precise tools for evaluating both the upper and lower extremities as well as supplying the means for inspiring exercise.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Neuro Rehabilitation

Neuro rehabilitation aims to provide the best treatment and education for patients with injuries or diseases that affect the nervous system. In an era where these treatment methods are increasingly influenced by modern technology E-LINK offers gradable, interactive exercise for the upper and lower extremities, thereby helping patients re-learn different skills that are necessary for everyday living.

E-LINK is invaluable to clinicians for evaluating the effectiveness of various treatments undertaken for neuro patients in their care and for realising therapeutic goals.

Medical Evaluation

Medical Evaluation

In an era seeking evidence-based practice, E-LINK provides health care professionals with precise, standardized tools for evaluations in a variety of clinical environments.

E-LINK software generates comprehensive documentation, including impairment calculations, for both the upper and lower extremities. Tests for grip strength, pinch strength, joint range of motion and weight-bearing balance are easily undertaken. The reports analysing progress over time are invaluable as evidence for monitoring the effectiveness of any interventions undertaken and for planning further care alongside the preferences of the patient.

For over 20 years E-LINK has proven to be a supportive resource for clinicians worldwide, meeting rehabilitation needs in both clinical and educational settings:

  • Hand Clinics
  • Rheumatology Units
  • Stroke Units
  • Rehab Day centers
  • Neurological Rehabilitation Units
  • Younger Disabled Rehab Units
  • Elderly Care centers
  • Spinal Injury Units
  • Orthopaedics
  • Burns and Plastics
  • Prosthetic Services
  • Specialist Schools and Colleges
  • Paediatric Units and centers
  • Clinical Research Units
  • Sports Injury Clinics
  • Private Clinics
  • Occupational Therapy Departments
  • Physiotherapy Departments
  • Hospital and Community