Exploring Wearable EMG Solutions


Electromyography (EMG) technology, with a focus on wireless EMG sensors and wearable recorders, is reshaping the landscape of biomedical research and data acquisition. At Biometrics Ltd., we are leading this wave of innovation with a comprehensive range of DataLITE wireless instruments and sensors including wireless EMG muscle sensors and EXPLORE, a wearable data recorder, that offers total freedom of movement.


In-Depth Look at EMG Sensors

Biometrics Ltd.'s range of EMG sensors, are expertly engineered to capture the intricate electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. These sensors are designed with precision and user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that researchers can obtain the most accurate data possible. By focusing on advanced signal processing and sensor design, our EMG sensors are proving to be indispensable in cutting-edge research.

DataLITE Wireless 4 EMG System

Electromyography Sensor Technology

Our electromyography sensors represent the pinnacle of EMG data collection technology. With an emphasis on accuracy and reliability, these sensors are meticulously crafted to capture the most nuanced aspects of muscle activity. Whether it's for in-depth research studies or practical applications in sports science, our electromyography sensors are equipped to provide unparalleled data quality. They are the result of our continuous commitment to innovation in EMG technology.

EMG Muscle Activity Data recorded at 60uV

DataLITE Wireless Technology: Revolutionizing EMG Data Acquisition

The DataLITE wireless technology marks a significant milestone in the evolution of EMG research tools. By eliminating the constraints of wires, these sensors offer researchers unprecedented flexibility and mobility. The key benefits include reduced setup times, increased comfort for subjects, and the ability to conduct studies in more dynamic and natural settings. Moreover, the robust and reliable signal transmission ensures that data integrity is maintained even in the most challenging environments, paving the way for more versatile and comprehensive research.

DataLITE Wireless RF Channel Test

The Versatility of Wireless, Wearable EMG Systems

Our DataLITE wireless EMG systems epitomize the fusion of convenience and functionality. Designed for laboratory and field use, these wireless systems empower researchers to conduct studies in a variety of settings without compromising on data quality. Their portability is particularly beneficial for studies that require mobility or for research conducted outside of traditional lab environments. These systems are a testament to our commitment to making EMG technology more accessible and adaptable to various research needs.

Outdoor runner with DataLITE Wireless EMG Sensors and DataLITE EXPLORE recording device

EMG Software: Enhancing Data Analysis

To complement our hardware, Biometrics Ltd.'s Analysis EMG software is tailored to transform raw EMG data into meaningful insights. This software is the linchpin for researchers looking to delve deeper into muscle activity patterns, offering advanced data analysis tools and intuitive interfaces. It enables researchers to efficiently process, analyze, and interpret 24 channels of EMG data, turning complex information into actionable knowledge.


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