Range of Motion Evaluation

Joint flexibility is defined as the range of motion (ROM) allowed at a joint. Therefore, a limited range of motion will impair function, be likely to cause pain and have an influence on the activities of everyday living. As therapy begins, goniometry measurements are taken and regularly monitored thereafter assessing the patient’s progress.

The E-LINK ROM Kit consists of a large and a small Goniometer which are designed for accurate and speedy data collection - invaluable for busy clinical environments and for individual patients in need of a speedy assessment to minimize discomfort from pain associated with lengthy evaluations.

Small Goniometer - used for the hand to measure ROM for the fingers and thumb.

Large Goniometer - used for the wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle.

  • The Goniometer is simply placed over a joint and at the single click of a button the reading is entered automatically into the software
  • Measurements are recorded in 1⁰ increments and clearly displayed on the appropriate screen graphic
  • E-LINK software can also be configured to accommodate the Neutral Zero method of measurement
  • Progress reports are easily generated covering a maximum of 10 tests and displayed in both graph and table format
  • ROM test results may be viewed immediately following assessment and help both the patient and clinician focus on the effectiveness of any treatment undertaken
  • E-LINK also incorporates a powerful Export function which is ideally placed for clinical research. Parameters are easily selected to quickly define the export criteria and then single or multiple patient data is exported as an ASCII file. This data can then be imported into other applications for statistical analysis – perfect for audit and research studies

The ROM Kit complements the E-LINK Hand Kit as both modules enable evaluation for the upper extremity to monitor the effectiveness of various treatments undertaken for patients throughout the whole rehabilitation process.

Wireless E-LINK brings additional benefit for evaluating joint ROM as measurements can be taken even at a distance from the computer screen - particularly beneficial for lower extremity assessments.