Precision in Pinch Tests

Mastering Pinch Strength Analysis with the
E-LINK Pinchmeter


Pinch strength measurement, a key aspect in hand function evaluation, is crucial in both clinical rehabilitation and ergonomic research. The E-LINK Pinchmeter for clinical rehabilitation, functions as a sophisticated pinch dynamometer, serving both evaluation and exercise needs. This blog post explores its applications, underlining its precision and ease of use in conducting various pinch grip tests.

E-LINK Pinchmeter

The Pinchmeter

The E-LINK Pinchmeter is the ideal device for evaluation as it has a unique, low profile design that permits measurement to be undertaken at a point closer to the functional end range than any other Pinchmeter device, either manual or electronic.

The Pinchmeter accommodates easy positioning for standard key pinch, three jaw and tip-to-tip measurements. Thumb to individual finger opposition may also be monitored.

  • Accuracy +/- 2% full scale
  • Registers 0.1kg/lb measurement through to a maximum of 22kg (50lbs)
E-LINK Pinchmeter

E-LINK Pinch Grip Tests

The pinch grip test, a fundamental tool for assessing hand function, measures the strength required to pinch objects between fingers. The E-LINK Pinchmeter, as a specialized pinch dynamometer, adeptly facilitates various pinch tests — Key/Lateral Pinch, Three-Jaw, Tip-to-Tip, Thumb to Finger Opposition, and the Sustained Pinch Test — providing accurate and reliable data crucial for patient outcomes.

Key/Lateral Pinch

The key pinch, synonymous with the lateral pinch test, involves pressing the thumb against the radial side of the index finger, a common daily motion.

Three Jaw

This test, involving the thumb, index, and middle finger, mimics a common grasp.

Tip-to-Tip Pinch

Measuring force between the tips of the thumb and index finger, this test is vital for fine motor skills assessment.

Thumb to Finger Opposition

Assessing the strength of thumb to each finger opposition, this test, provides comprehensive insights into hand dexterity.

Sustained Pinch Test

This test measures force over time for a 5, 10, 15 or 30 second interval. Peak force, time to reach peak force, average to peak ratio percentage (sustainability) and fatigue rate are automatically calculated and immediately displayed. The current graph can be compared with a prior test to analyze progress.

Standardized Pinch Tests
Previous Results

If a test has been previously undertaken using the Pinchmeter, the Last Test date and time will be entered towards the bottom of the window in the color pink. The previous average measurements will also be shown below the appropriate box for easy comparison to the current test.

The Importance of the Sustained Pinch Test

The sustained pinch test evaluates pinch strength endurance over time, critical in rehabilitation assessments. The E-LINK software and Pinchmeter's capability offers a deeper understanding of hand muscle endurance and recovery trends.

Comparison of right and left Sustained Pinch Tests

Pinch Progress Reports

Progress Reports can be readily generated covering a maximum of 10 tests and the data is displayed in both graph and table format. Automatic calculations show the percentage of change from one session to another, the percentage of change from the first test. These reports are ideal as an immediate clicnical outcome measure and for discharge summaries.

E-LINK Progress Report

Enhancing Rehabilitation with E-LINK Activity Games for Exercise

Apart from its primary function in measuring pinch strength, the Pinchmeter can also be used as an interactive exercise tool when used with E-LINK activity games. These games transform rehabilitation exercises into engaging and motivational activities, promoting patient participation and adherence to therapy protocols. The combination of the Pinchmeter with E-LINK activities offers a unique approach to rehabilitation, making exercises not only effective but also enjoyable for patients.

Pinchmeter Catch balls activity exercise game

E-LINK Pinchmeter's Pivotal Contribution to Hand Rehabilitation

The Biometrics Pinchmeter is an indispensable tool in hand function assessment and rehabilitation. Its versatility and precision as a pinch dynamometer in measuring various types of pinch strengths make it a cornerstone product for clinicians.

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