Unlocking the Potential with the Biometrics Myometer

Harnessing the Power of a Hand Held Dynamometer for Research and Clinical Applications


Hand held dynamometers play a pivotal role in both research and clinical settings for manual muscle strength testing. Among these, the Biometrics Myometer stands out as an exemplary tool designed to cater to this need, whether for data-driven research or hands-on clinical applications.

Understanding Hand Held Dynamometry

What is a Hand Held Dynamometer?

A hand held dynamometer is an essential device utilized to measure the maximum isometric muscle strength of the upper and lower limbs. The Biometrics Myometer has emerged as a leading option, revered for its accuracy, ease of use in physical therapy, and its user-friendly, ergonomic design.

The Biometrics Myometer: Overview and Features

The Biometrics Myometer, with its precision load-cell sensor and ergonomic design, is a reliable tool that measures forces up to 50 kg / 110 lb with an accuracy better than 1%. Its high precision and reliability make it a preferred choice for researchers and clinicians seeking dependable muscle strength data for their projects or patient assessments.

Applications in Research

Research-focused Use Cases

Used extensively in various fields such as sports science and biomechanics, researchers use the dynamometer to gather invaluable data, and plays a pivotal role in understanding muscle strength dynamics.

Benefits for Research Studies

The Biometrics Myometer and analysis software offers unparalleled accuracy and consistency in strength testing, making it a cornerstone in numerous studies. Its ability to provide precise measurements aids researchers in drawing reliable conclusions and insights.

Ankle ROM Measurement

Applications in Clinical Settings

Clinical Applications of the Biometrics Myometer

In clinical settings, the hand held dynamometer is used by physiotherapists and occupational therapists for manual muscle strength testing (MMT), and to evaluate patient performance over time. The dynamometers effectiveness in assessing muscle strength and tracking patient progress has made it an indispensable asset.

Hand Held Dynamometer for Clinical Purposes

Specifically tailored for clinical use, the E-LINK Myometer offers additional features catering to therapists' needs within the E-LINK software.

  • E-LINK software includes Standard Peak Force and Sustained Force tests.
  • Individual screens document test results for the neck, shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle.
  • Reports analyzing progress over time are easily generated.
  • Data export feature for audit or research purposes.
Ankle ROM Measurement

Research and Clinical Uses

Research Applications Clinical Applications
Usage Scenario Integrated into controlled studies for data collection. Utilized in patient assessments and treatment plans.
Hardware / Software Data synchronization and real-time data transfer to third-party applications, such as MatLab. Standardized clinical evaluation software, clinical reports, progress reports.
Export Features Data may be analysed in Biometrics Ltd Analysis Software or exported for analysis in other third-party software. Data export features for audit and research purposes.


The Biometrics Myometer shines as an unparalleled symbol of precision and dependability. Whether employed in rigorous research endeavors or essential clinical applications, its unmatched capability to evaluate muscle strength sets a new standard for excellence.

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