E-LINK Finger Goniometer for Precise ROM Assessments

E-LINK Finger Goniometer

The term "finger goniometer" is pivotal for professionals in fields such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and orthopedics. It refers to a precision instrument used to measure the range of motion (ROM) in finger joints— an essential assessment tool for evaluating finger mobility and progress in rehabilitation.

E-LINK Finger Goniometer

What Is the E-LINK Finger Goniometer Used For?

Diagnosis and Evaluation: Vital for diagnosing conditions like arthritis, tendon injuries, or any trauma affecting finger mobility.

Monitoring Rehabilitation: Tracks progress during rehabilitation, recording minute improvements to motivate patients and refine treatment plans.

Surgical Assessments: Essential for post-surgical evaluations requiring precise measurements to ensure a successful recovery.

Finger Goniometer for ROM Measurements

Using the E-LINK Finger Goniometer

Incorporating the E-LINK Finger Goniometer into routine clinical assessments can streamline the process of finger ROM evaluations. By providing precise measurements instantaneously, the goniometer aids in crafting targeted, effective rehabilitation strategies.

Measurement Process

  1. Movement: Direct the patient to flex or extend their finger.
  2. Alignment: Place the goniometer’s arms along the axis of the finger joint being tested. The precise angle of movement is instantly displayed on the computer screen.
  3. Recording: The device captures and logs the readings with a click of a button, streamlining the documentation process and ensuring consistency across assessments.

E-LINK Software

The E-LINK software visually displays finger ROM measurements in 1-degree increments, in a user-friendly interface. It captures active and passive movements of the MCP, PIP, and DIP joints in the fingers, providing comprehensive data that is critical for targeted treatment strategies.

Real-Time Measurements

Shows precise measurements for each finger joint in real-time, allowing for better treatment outcomes.

Reports For Research And Audits

E-LINK software easily generates progress reports and is also equipped with a powerful export function. Both are ideal for clinical research and audits, offering a comprehensive tool for data analysis and contributing to the broader field of clinical knowledge.

Finger ROM Evaluation Report

E-LINK Benefits

In the realm of hand rehabilitation, precision and efficiency in measuring finger range of motion (ROM) are paramount. The E-LINK Finger Goniometer, a cutting-edge tool from Biometrics Ltd, is transforming these measurements with its advanced technology, ensuring that healthcare professionals have the most accurate data at their fingertips.

For Professionals

  • Accuracy and Precision: The E-LINK Finger Goniometer provides exact measurements essential for diagnosing and managing the rehabilitation of finger injuries, replacing traditional methods with superior accuracy and less susceptibility to user error.
  • Efficient Process: Designed for quick assessments, this finger goniometer enhances clinical productivity with its user-friendly features and fast data processing.
  • Integrated Data Management: E-LINK software automatically records and stores detailed ROM data, which is crucial for tracking patient progress over time and adjusting treatment plans based on empirical data.

For Patients

  • Motivation through Visualization: The E-LINK software enables patients to see their progress in real-time during each visit, which can significantly boost their motivation and compliance with the treatment regimen.
  • Informed Recovery: By providing easy-to-understand digital readouts, the goniometer helps patients better comprehend their recovery process, fostering a proactive approach to their rehabilitation.


The E-LINK Finger Goniometer is an indispensable tool in modern clinical settings for measuring finger ROM. It offers an enhanced level of precision, ease of use, and comprehensive data management, thereby supporting effective treatment outcomes and advanced patient care.

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