Reliability and Validity Studies of Biometrics Ltd Sensors and Instrumentation


Keywords: Dynamometer Arthritis Grip Requirements Reliability Clinical Applications Canada 2015

Keywords: Grip Dynamometer Reliability Validity Test-Retest UE Australia 2011

Keywords: Grip Dynamometer Reliability Strength Arthritis UE UK 2010

Keywords: DataLINK Electrogoniometers Reliability Validity Spine Australia 2010

Keywords: Gonio SG150 DataLOG Analysis Biomechanics SW Knee Lower Extremity Clinical Applications Reliability Australia 2008

Keywords: SG110 Goniometer Veterinary Reliability Biomechanics USA 2006

Keywords: Gonio K100 DL1001 Biomechanics M180 Lower Extremity Knee Validity Gait UK 2001

Keywords: Gonio Gait M180 Bilateral Knee Lower Extremity Reliability Clinical Applications Biomechanics Arthritis UK 2001

Keywords: Gonio Knee Lower Extremity Clinical Applications Anatomy Biomechanics Reliability Poland 2000

Keywords: Gonio Ankle Lower Extremity Reliability Biomechanics UK USA 1996

Keywords: Gonio Wrist UE Biomechanics Clinical Applications Clinical Measurement Validity UK 1996

Keywords: Gonio Ankle Lower Extremity Clinical Applications Clinical Measurement Biomechanics Reliability UK 1993

Keywords: Gonio Elbow UE Reliability Clinical Applications Clinical Measurement UK 1992

Keywords: Gonio Wrist UE Reliability Clinical Applications Circumduction Biomechanics Japan 1991

Keywords: Gonio Hip Knee Lower Extremity Clinical Clinical Applications Biomechanics Paediatrics Measurements Gait Reliability UK 1989