E-LINK Interface Options

Two E-LINK Interface Units can now be Connected to One Computer Simultaneously

Multiple Wireless and Wired interfaces connected to the computer can be used simultaneously, with the Wireless dongle (DG1) and Adaptors (AD1) able to communicate with the E-LINK software at the same time as the older serial port (E3000) and usb style E-LINK (X4 InterX Unit) interfaces.

Multiple Wireless and Wired interfaces can be used in the same clinical environment on multiple computers to allow evaluation and/or exercise of several patients at the same time to maximize efficiency and benefit to the patients.

  • Gives new customers maximum flexibility in any clinical setting
  • Allows existing customers to expand the capabilities of their current E-LINK systems
  • Provides the ability to upgrade to the latest technology without obsoleting current systems
  • Gives total backwards compatibility with any E-LINK hardware manufactured since 1995

IMPORTANT: When using two Wired E-LINK interfaces (X4 + E3000 or X4+X4) on the same computer – one of the two MUST be an X4 manufactured in 2013 or later (date of manufacture is found on the label on the bottom of the X4 unit)