Exercise Kit

The Exercise Kit (M800) consists of wireless Myo-EX and AngleX sensors that are exclusively designed for innovative computer-based exercise.

The M800 gives direct biofeedback to the patient and is the ideal tool for undertaking progressive exercise throughout the whole rehabilitation process.

Myo-EX and AngleX are used in a wide variety of clinical settings, from hand therapy to stroke and neuro rehabilitation. These wireless sensors are very quick and easy to apply and promote greater freedom of movement for the patient who may even choose to exercise a good distance from the computer screen.

Current research considers repetitive, specific exercise at the very beginning of the rehabilitation process to be essential for good recovery and the Exercise Kit (M800) meets this need throughout every stage in that process.


Highly sensitive Myo-EX sensors use surface EMG for inspiring exercise, beginning from when there is the tiniest flicker of voluntary muscle activity, with or without visible joint movement.

The same sensors can be used throughout the full spectrum of muscular activity and rehabilitation, even to that of the professional athlete.


Where there is active joint movement, AngleX sensors encourage focused exercise against gravity for small DIP joints through to the larger joints of the upper and lower extremities, neck, head and back.