E-LINK Exercise

E-LINK is an interactive system providing motivation and feedback, increasing patient compliance and tolerance of exercise programs, allowing longer effective therapy.

The E-LINK parameters can be varied for range, speed and difficulty of the activities to treat a wide range of patients. The exercise is supervised, yet therapist independent. E-LINK is used for all types of patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics to professional athletes, in both orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation.

The E-LINK exercise modules may be purchased separately or combined with evaluation components to make a comprehensive evaluation and exercise system.

Designed for active and active resistive upper extremity exercise of the wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder.

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The Myo-EX uses a novel application of surface EMG for exercise and biofeedback, and the AngleX provides unique active exercise against gravity.

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E-LINK is computerized graded therapeutic exercise utilizing computer games for exercise. While the patient is playing the activities, they are getting their exercise. The Activities may be controlled by a variety of inputs, depending upon the patient's physical and cognitive status.

The standard peak grip measurements, standard peak pinch measurements, and the peak forceplate (one, two, or four FP3) measurements are used to define the parameters for exercise in the Activity set-up screens.

The latest version of the E-LINK software has up to 24 Activities. Each Activity parameters are set by the therapist and may be graded depending upon a patient's physical and cognitive status.

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The Hand Kit H500 consists of the Dynamometer for hand grip strength measurement and the Pinchmeter for hand pinch strength measurements.

  • The Biometrics Dynamometer utilises precision load cell technology to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of measurement of even very low grip strength forces. By using the industry standard Jamar design exterior comparisons can be made with standardized normative data included in the E-LINK software.
  • The unique electronic Biometrics Pinchmeter has a low profile design that enables the clinician to accurately quantify pinch strength at closer to end range than any other device.
  • When used with the E-LINK Activities, the Hand Kit can be used for gross isometric strengthening as well as for muscle re-education and motor control rehabilitation.

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The ForcePlate FP3 is designed for maximum versatility in a wide variety of clinical settings. Combining multiple FP3 increases the evaluation and exercise options.

  • One ForcePlate FP3 is used for unilateral measurement of weight bearing and weight bearing exercise in both the upper and lower extremity.
  • Two ForcePlates FP3 are used for bilateral, single axis measurement of weight bearing and distribution. Measurement of either right/left OR front/back over specified time intervals produces clinical reports and progress reports over multiple sessions. Single axis exercises in the upper and lower extremities in standing or seated positions.
  • Four ForcePlates FP3 are used for simultaneous dual axis evaluation of right/left AND front/back weight bearing and distribution. Clinical reports of the measurements are displayed and printed as both graphs and tables. Progress reports of multiple sessions over time. Both single axis and multi-axis exercises for upper and lower extremities in standing or seated positions.

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