E-LINK Exercise

E-LINK is an interactive system providing motivation and feedback, increasing patient compliance and tolerance of exercise programs, allowing longer effective therapy.

E-LINK parameters can be varied for range, speed and difficulty of the activities to treat a wide range of patients. The exercise is supervised, yet therapist independent.

Designed for active and active resistive upper extremity exercise of the wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder.

The Myo-EX uses a novel application of surface EMG for exercise and biofeedback, and the AngleX provides unique active exercise against gravity.

E-LINK is computerized graded therapeutic exercise utilizing computer games for exercise. While the patient is playing the activities, they are getting their exercise. The Activities may be controlled by a variety of inputs, depending upon the patient's physical and cognitive status.

The Hand Kit consists of a Dynamometer and Pinchmeter for hand grip/pinch strength measurements.

Perfect for weight-bearing evaluation and exercise. The ForcePlate(s) are designed for maximum versatility in a wide variety of clinical settings.